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“I have discovered that the group of kids that tends to gravitate towards me are smart, creative and sensitive teenagers, who are seekers of something else in life, but that are feeling disconnected and confused. They come to me to find their own way to fit in, be understood, and feel good with themselves. I am very passionate about empowering teens as they are the present and the future of our World. And, I have found that helping them to get the sense of belonging and being understood is the best way I can help them to go further and speak their truth out loud“.

– Illa Llinares

Thanks to the coaching sessions with Illa, I felt liberated when I knew I was being listened, understood, and aware that nobody is better or worse than the other, just different with their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve learned to be more self-confident and this has been possible through the conversations with Illa, who encouraged me to trust myself more. I no longer need to show my value to everybody. I also learned to calm the anxiety that prevented me from being myself when talking to people. But above all, I feel more active, having left behind those days at home without hopes or dreams. Now, I have balance and organize my day to have time to do everything I desire. Personally, Illa’s coaching process has helped me a lot and in many positive ways.